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Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

Questions to Ask Your NJ Personal Injury Attorney

How to make sure you hire the right lawyer for your case

Your personal injury attorney is your voice in negotiations with the persons responsible for your injury and before the court. It’s important that you retain the most capable lawyer available. Because New Jersey personal injury attorneys accept cases on a contingency basis, you can interview as many as you’d like, free of charge, until you find the one in whom you can have the most confidence. To help you make the best possible decision regarding your representation, The Anthony Pope Law Firm suggests you ask all prospective attorneys the following questions:

  • How long have you practiced personal injury law?
  • How great a percentage of your overall practice is personal injury law?
  • How many personal injury cases have you actually tried, and what is your success rate?
  • How many cases have you managed that had similar facts to mine, and what is your success rate?
  • What is the highest value settlement you’ve obtained?
  • What is the highest jury award you’ve won?
  • Have any of your jury verdicts been overturned on appeal?
  • How does your contingency fee work?

In the legal profession, there is no substitute for experience

There are many segments of our youth-oriented culture where a brash upstart enjoys advantages. The legal profession is not one of them. It takes 10 years minimum for a lawyer to develop basic competence. A consistent level of excellence takes much longer. But it’s not years of service alone that matters. Many attorneys for personal injury in New Jersey never try cases; they quickly settle one and then move onto another. Their clients may be happy to receive compensation quickly, but in time, that settlement may prove to have been hasty and insufficient. Because you don’t know what your case is worth or how hard it may be to prove, you should protect yourself by hiring an attorney who’s tried tough cases to conclusion and can demonstrate a strong success rate.

Verdicts, settlements and reversals: taking your recovery to the max

Attorneys who have actually won substantial verdicts are not shy about telling prospective clients. But don’t be dazzled by the numbers. Ask them why the case was worth so much and whether it bears any resemblance to your own. Ask them what difficulties they encountered proving the case. The attorney’s openness will tell you a great deal about the level of candor and honesty a client can expect. Finally, ask if the attorney has had any verdicts reversed on appeal. Was the attorney still able to achieve a fair settlement? Did he or she have to retry the whole case again? Was the delay ultimately worth it for the client?

Contingency fees: just how contingent?

The usual arrangement for a personal injury case is that the attorney works without charging upfront fees and then takes a percentage of the recovery. But attorney's fees are not the only expenses, and different attorneys have different arrangements. Make sure you find out what your attorney charges for along the way. Still have questions? Look at our Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury page.

Contact a dedicated personal injury attorney who’ll take action for you

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