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Public Transportation Accidents

Proven NJ Attorneys Litigate Public Transportation Accidents

Aggressive representation for plaintiffs injured on or by mass transit

In many ways, mass transit is the nerve center of New York and New Jersey. Daily ridership on the major modes of public transportation — our trains and buses — equals the population of many medium-sized cities. It’s no wonder that accidents occur frequently and with serious consequences. Yet, despite the seriousness of their injuries, many victims of public transportation accidents face an uphill battle against government agencies determined to limit payouts on claims. Fortunately, The Anthony Pope Law Firm has the experience and relentless drive necessary to confront state and federal authorities. After more than 30 years of litigating tough, high-profile cases, we’re prepared to make a compelling argument for your full compensation.

Managing train accident claims from disastrous derailments to slip-and-falls

Recently, the fatal Metro North derailment highlighted just how dangerous negligent operation of a train can be. But train accidents are not limited to derailments and collisions. Faulty station maintenance often leads to serious slip-and-fall accidents on stairs, escalators and platforms. Injured passengers face frustrations with any of the municipal, state and federal rail systems operating within New Jersey and New York, including:

  • Amtrak
  • Atlantic City Express Services (ACES)
  • Delaware River Port Authority: PATCO
  • Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)
  • New Jersey Transit
  • Port Authority Trans Hudson (PATH)
  • Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority

Attorney Anthony Pope deals capably and tirelessly with all types of government entities. Our firm removes the stress of your legal claim, so you can concentrate on recovering your health.

Representing injured parties in NJ/NY bus accidents

Because buses operate on public roads, they are more likely to be involved in collisions with cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. Bus crashes also threaten great harm to passengers, who are not secured with seatbelts or, in the case of many commuter buses, are standing in the aisle. Whether you were a passenger or sustained your injury from outside contact with the bus, The Anthony Pope Law Firm fights for your full compensation.

Special rules for injury claims under NJ Title 59 require prompt action

Normally the statute of limitations for personal injuries in New Jersey is two years, but claims against the government have additional, earlier requirements. The New Jersey Tort and Contractual Liability Act, commonly called Title 59, governs claims against public entities and employees within the state. Title 59 gives you 90 days from the time of your accident to file a notice of your intention to sue a county, state or municipal body. It’s best to give this responsibility to a trustworthy injury lawyer while you concentrate on recovering your health.

Retain a relentless trial attorney for your train or bus accident in NJ or NY

Mass transit accidents present unique challenges for injured parties fighting for compensation. Rely on the proven experience of The Anthony Pope Law Firm. To schedule your free consultation with a reputable trial lawyer, call 973.344.4406 or contact our Newark office online.

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