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How an Attorney Could Help You Maximize Your Outcome

How a NJ Personal Injury Attorney Can Help Maximize Your Outcome

Knowledge and experience pay dividends when dealing with opposing counsel

If you’ve been seriously injured, your physical pain is bad enough, but you’ve also got to contend with mounting medical bills and lost income. In a perfect world, insurance would cover your losses and a settlement would come quickly, freeing you to focus on getting well. Unfortunately, the person or persons responsible for your suffering are generally more concerned with denying liability and limiting the cost to themselves than they are in doing what’s right. The Anthony Pope Law Firm cautions that now, while you’re most vulnerable, is the time you most need assistance from an experienced personal injury attorney who can maximize your damage award.

Reasons to hire a NJ injury attorney: what you don’t know will hurt you

Knowledge is a key benefit of a personal injury attorney in NJ. Though the principles behind personal injury law are simple, case law, insurance contracts and court procedures are infinitely more complicated. Your attorney must know:

  • How to apply current law to the facts of your case
  • How to interpret insurance contracts to establish that coverage exists
  • How and when to file all necessary documents so that your action moves forward
  • How to depose witnesses to preserve testimony favorable to your case
  • How to analyze police reports, physical evidence and medical records
  • How to place a dollar value on the totality of your injuries
  • How to negotiate with attorneys for large insurance companies
  • How to try a complex personal injury case in court from start to verdict

The attorney who has mastered all these skills is in a good position to ensure you receive full and fair compensation when filing a personal injury claim.

Knowing the market for personal injury recoveries

It may sound cynical, but there is a market that decides personal injury recoveries. What your case is worth depends on what a defendant is willing to pay in light of what a jury is likely to award. An experienced attorney who knows what prior juries have awarded and how much previous defendants have been willing to pay can apply pressure in settlement negotiations to ensure your case reaches its maximum value. An attorney who does not know the market may seriously undervalue your case and fold when an insurance company comes through with a lowball offer. Our New Jersey law firm has more than 30 years of experience in personal injury cases and has obtained million-dollar-plus recoveries for several clients. We have the knowledge and experience to maximize the value of your recovery.

Contact a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney for your best possible outcome

The Anthony Pope Law Firm delivers results in New Jersey personal injury actions. To schedule a free consultation and case evaluation, call us at 973.536.2346 or contact us online.

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