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What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

What to Look for in a Jersey City or Newark Personal Injury Attorney

Empathy, competence and determination are essential

You may think that your personal injury case is so strong that it doesn’t really matter which attorney represents you. The truth is, the single greatest factor determining whether you receive full and fair compensation for your injuries is whom you choose to represent you. As you shop for personal injury representation, The Anthony Pope Law Firm suggests that you find someone who embodies these key characteristics:

  • Empathy Your attorney must be someone who can step into your shoes and develop a deep appreciation of the impact your injury has had upon your life
  • Competence  Your attorney must have sufficient experience to perform at a high professional level
  • Determination  Your attorney must have a competitive nature and be driven by a deeply held conviction that justice must be done

Sincere concern for your suffering and monetary losses

There’s a saying in the legal profession that the purpose of personal injury law is to “make the victim whole again.” In that sense, a personal injury attorney is a healer. Your Jersey City personal injury attorney must fully appreciate the physical and emotional toll of your suffering to convey that to a judge or jury to compel a fair award. When you feel a strong sense of empathy, that’s a good indication you’ll get the other benefits of a personal injury attorney.

Experience and a track record of performance at a high level

Your case is too important to trust to an inexperienced attorney or one who has not already secured an important verdict at trial. There are many personal injury attorneys out there, but comparatively, few have actual trial experience, especially with high-stakes cases. Most injury lawyers rarely go to court; they settle cases quickly, taking what the defense counsel offers. An attorney who has secured high jury verdicts can leverage that reputation in negotiations resulting in higher settlements. Trial attorneys who have mastered the complex and varied tasks related to trial preparation and execution develop a level of confidence that breeds success.

The drive to deliver justice for those who have been wronged

An effective personal injury lawyer possesses the determination necessary to truly commit to a client. They are grinders who immerse themselves in minute details, looking for every advantage and seeking to eliminate any weaknesses in your case. Given the resistance injury attorneys encounter, as many insurers attempt to win by wearing down a claimant, it’s important that your attorney has the stomach for a fight and will settle for nothing less than full and fair compensation for you.

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