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Child Support

Determined New Jersey Child Support Attorneys Uphold Your Children’s Rights

Advocating fair payment schedules to maintain an appropriate standard of living

Like many states, New Jersey has adopted detailed child support guidelines to be applied in all divorce actions based on the spending patterns of intact families. Still, controversies arise when one parent is not forthcoming about his or her income or when the court in its discretion departs from the strict rules. The Anthony Pope Law Firm in Newark is a strong advocate for parents and children in disputes over child support. With more than 30 years of experience in New Jersey family law, we can make the compelling arguments necessary to ensure a fair payment schedule that upholds the interests of our clients and their children.

Demanding accurate accountings of parental assets and obligations

The New Jersey child support guidelines stem from three principles:

  • Child support is a continuous duty of both parents
  • Children are entitled to share in the current income of both parents
  • Children should not be the economic victims of divorce or out-of-wedlock birth

To uphold these values, the court must base its child support award on a true picture of the finances of both parents. Anthony Pope zealously advocates for financial transparency and pursues all avenues for discovering hidden assets and income streams. Your divorce attorney must also make the court aware of assets, expenses and obligations that require an adjustment. Key among these are:

  • Fixed direct payments (e.g., mortgage payments)
  • Unreimbursed medical and/or dental expenses for either parent
  • Educational expenses for either parent to improve earning capacity
  • Hidden costs of caring for children such as reduced income, decreased career opportunities, loss of time to shop economically or loss of savings
  • Financial obligations for elder care
  • The tax advantages of paying for a child's health insurance
  • A parent owing support to more than one family

Your advocate in debating special expenses and discretionary adjustments

The court can exercise its discretion to enhance child support awards or adjust them downward. Key areas where this occurs include:

  • Childcare expenses — The court may add the after-tax-credit cost of work-related childcare to the basic child support obligation
  • Health insurance — The court may add the parent's marginal cost of carrying a child on his or her health insurance to the support schedules
  • Unreimbursed healthcare expenses in excess of $250 per child per year – These are not included in the child support schedules, but the court may add them if they are predictable and recurring
  • Other expenses the court approves – The court may add predictable and recurring expenses to the basic obligation for particular children, such as private education, special needs of gifted or disabled children, and visitation transportation expenses
  • Adjustments for parenting time – A parent without child custody still has expenses when maintaining a regular parenting time schedule. These costs can offset part of his or her child support obligation
  • College or other post-secondary education expenses – The court may add college tuition, etc., to the basic obligation if it fits the spending pattern of intact families

Contact a strong advocate for a fair child support award in New Jersey

Despite detailed guidelines, the court in New Jersey may consider many factors that affect the amount of child support ordered. The Anthony Pope Law Firm is a tenacious advocate for fairness in child support awards. Call us at 973.536.2346 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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