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Matrimonial Law

Our Compassionate Matrimonial Law Attorneys in Newark Put Your Needs First

Helping you find unique solutions to unique matrimonial circumstances

Whether you are entering a marriage or ending one, it is critical to have an attorney who is committed to protecting your rights, whether those rights are as a spouse or as a parent. From prenuptial agreements to alimony negotiations, The Anthony Pope Law Firm offers wisdom and experience to assist you in making choices that may affect your life for years to come.


When you are facing a divorce, there is so much is at stake emotionally and financially that you may feel depressed, angry and unsure of what to do next. No matter what your situation, our goal is to get you through the process as efficiently as possible and help you put the pieces of your life back together.  

Child custody, parenting time and visitation

One of the most emotionally charged aspects of a divorce is determining child custody, parenting time and visitation. These arrangements for child access have a critical impact on the future and well-being of the entire family. Our Newark matrimonial law attorney safeguards the bonds between parent and child by negotiating fair agreements that meet all parties’ interests.

Child support

Child support is a significant financial component of a divorce. Many factors are considered when calculating payments — a skilled divorce attorney can help ensure that your agreement reasonably reflects your circumstances. Read more about the child support services we offer parents in Newark, Jersey City, Morristown and Manhattan.


Alimony is not an automatic part of every divorce case in New Jersey.  It can be awarded temporarily, permanently or not at all.  Because of the long-term obligation that alimony has the potential to create between divorcing spouses, it is very important to speak with an attorney who can protect your interests and your finances.

Equitable distribution of assets

Dividing a marital estate is difficult and often contentious. Determining how assets, debts and spousal support payments are allocated plays a big part in how you will be able to rebuild your financial future. We work with you to ensure you receive a fair deal in your agreement. Find out more about the benefits of engaging our attorneys for matters involving equitable distribution of property.

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