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How a Former Prosecutor Can Help Your Defense Case

How a Former Prosecutor Can Help Criminal Defense Cases in New Jersey

Experience securing convictions transferred to winning acquittals

In the legal profession, there is no substitute for experience. But experience isn’t simply the amount of time an attorney has practiced — it’s how that time has been spent. Clients looking for a criminal defense attorney need someone who is aggressive and determined, but also knowledgeable. That knowledge must go beyond legal theory to strategy and tactics. That kind of learning doesn’t happen in a classroom; it only comes from trying actual cases. The Anthony Pope Law Firm has criminal trial experience as a prosecutor and defense counsel. Our knowledge from both sides of the aisle is a major asset to our clients for the following reasons:

  • Prosecutors try more cases than anyone else
  • Prosecutors must prove their case to a higher standard than anyone else
  • Defense strategy depends on knowing what the prosecutor thinks of the case

Prosecutor’s office: criminal court boot camp

It’s impossible to underestimate the impact that serving as a prosecutor in superior court can have on a lawyer’s trial skills. Prosecutors work closely with law enforcement to solidify the investigation and ensure the indictment. They direct the discovery that uncovers additional evidence. They depose witnesses and evaluate their credibility. Prosecutors also negotiate plea bargains whenever they can protect the people’s interests without the time and expense of a trial. The effect is that of a criminal court boot camp where a young lawyer learns everything there is to know about the New Jersey criminal law process, as well as how to exercise judgment, devise strategies and execute a plan of attack.

The highest standard: guilt beyond a reasonable doubt

Of all trial lawyers, prosecutors have the greatest burden of proof: They must convince a unanimous jury that a defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This high standard demands that a prosecutor’s case be rock solid, which requires exacting preparation. When a dedicated attorney transfers this high standard to the defense side, where he or she only has to raise doubt in the mind of one juror, it is a recipe for consistent success.

Knowing what’s inside the prosecutor’s mind

Unless the defense knows the prosecution’s point of attack, it will always be one step behind. An experienced defense attorney knows where the case may be vulnerable. But a defense attorney who has prosecuted cases also understands the intangibles, like how much pressure the prosecuting attorney is under. An attorney who’s been inside the DA’s office knows their standards for the deals they make and can push them to the limits in service of his clients. In an adversarial system that often relies on bluffing, a former prosecutor has the advantage of having seen his opponent’s cards.

Contact a knowledgeable former prosecutor for your criminal defense

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