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Why You Need an Attorney for DUI

Why You Need a Drunk Driving Attorney in Jersey City or Newark

The temptation to treat DUI as a traffic violation could be your undoing

Just because you were stopped while driving doesn’t mean your DUI charge is the equivalent of a traffic ticket. Most traffic violations are civil offenses; a DUI is a disorderly person (misdemeanor) offense, punishable by jail time, fines, fees, surcharges and loss of license. Add to that the inevitable rise in your insurance premiums if you are convicted, and your DUI “infraction” can wind up costing you thousands of dollars over several years’ time. This type of case requires aggressive defense representation from an experienced criminal law attorney. The Anthony Pope Law Firm has been fighting and winning DUI cases in New Jersey for more than 30 years.

Self-representation is self-sabotage

There’s an axiom of the law that says, “The attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client.” How much more reckless is it for someone untrained in the law to try to represent himself in a criminal matter? Yes, motorists wishing to contest traffic violations are often willing to “roll the dice” and appear in court with no strategy other than to hope the citing officer doesn’t show. But that kind of risky, haphazard approach doesn’t work for DUIs, for a number of very sound reasons:

  • For DUI charges, the complaining officer will appear or the case will be postponed, so a “roll of the dice” always comes up snake eyes.
  • Representing yourself gives the impression you take the DUI charge very lightly, which will annoy the court.
  • Representing yourself carries the risk of projecting arrogance when humility would serve you better.
  • Since you are untrained in the law, you may miss procedural and evidentiary challenges that could work in your favor.
  • You have no relationship with any of the officers of the court, so negotiating a plea bargain is out of the question.

The Anthony Pope Law Firm wouldn’t recommend representing yourself in a serious moving violation, let alone a DUI charge. Your legal fees could pay for themselves in the savings you’d get simply from maintaining low insurance premiums.

Experienced representation can lead to a negotiated resolution

It is not impossible to have DUI charges reduced or dismissed even when there is reasonable evidence against you. Though New Jersey doesn’t have a ”wet reckless” statute, allowing for a lesser charge of reckless driving involving alcohol, the existence of such laws in other jurisdictions provides opportunity for similar arrangements through plea bargains. To reach a negotiated settlement, you need a knowledgeable DUI lawyer, with an existing working relationship with officers of the court, who knows how they operate and the parameters for a plea that they will accept.

Contact a seasoned DUI defense lawyer in New Jersey

The Anthony Pope Law Firm has the knowledge and experience to aggressively fight DUI charges in New Jersey. To schedule a consultation and case evaluation, call 973.536.2346 or contact our Newark office online.

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