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Experienced New Jersey Criminal Appeals Attorneys Challenge Convictions

Our knowledge of due process can give your case a second life

A criminal trial is truly a battle. As chief strategists for that battle, The Anthony Pope Law Firm emphasizes one of the most important rules of warfare: Whenever possible, an army must live to fight another day. If you lose at trial, how can you go on fighting? Your conviction is technically final, but if your attorney has preserved your right to appeal issues that contributed to the guilty verdict, you’re not quite done. A capable criminal appeals attorney may be able to persuade a higher court that the trial court violated your rights, prompting a new trial. Our appeals practice has been successful in overturning verdicts, even in high-profile homicide cases.

Skilled criminal defense that preserves your right to appeal

The Anthony Pope Law Firm has more than 30 years of criminal defense experience, trying cases from white-collar crime to capital murder from suburban Essex County to Newark and Jersey City. We’re justifiably proud of our record at trial, but we also focus on managing procedural issues, which allows us to establish a basis for appeal. Even the best attorneys working with favorable facts cannot guarantee a successful outcome. But with proper case management, we’ve preserved our clients’ right to appeal trial rulings that went against their interests, such as:

  • Denial of motion to suppress illegally seized evidence
  • Denial of motion to bar prejudicial evidence
  • Denial of motion to bar a defendant’s statement recorded in violation of Miranda rights
  • Denial of motion to strike witness statements from the record
  • Denial of motion to admit evidence helpful to your case
  • Prosecutor’s failure to reveal exculpatory evidence
  • Improper jury instructions

It’s vital that you choose defense counsel who knows the rules for preserving your rights — and then find a seasoned appeals lawyer who can make a compelling argument in your favor. The Anthony Pope Law Firm satisfies both needs.

Justice delayed but not denied: articulate and persuasive arguments on appeal

If you didn’t receive justice from the trial court, Anthony Pope is determined to deliver on appeal. An appeals lawyer cannot retry your case; appeals are limited to questions of the law and the procedural rules observed during your trial. To succeed, an appellate lawyer must have a detailed knowledge of the law and a special talent for argument to prevail on appeal. Appellate attorney Annette Verdesco has more than 20 years of civil and criminal appellate practice in which she’s persuaded higher courts in New Jersey to overturn criminal court convictions and remand unjust sentences. In two of her most noteworthy cases, Ms. Verdesco had two separate murder convictions overturned. She has also argued cases in federal civil court that established new legal precedent.

Contact a talented and determined criminal appeals attorney in New Jersey

The Anthony Pope Law Firm has a solid track record of success arguing criminal appeals in New Jersey and federal court. To schedule a consultation, call us at 973.536.2346 or contact us online.

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