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Landmark Victories

Landmark Victories

Major awards through verdict or settlement:

$7.9 million settlement during a trial for a young man left as a paraplegic.

$1.8 million settlement in products liability.

After a jury verdict in favor of Plaintiff on a UIM claim case settled for $750,000.

$680,000 structured settlement for a girl burnt while in the care of a nursery.

$550,000 settlement for a man attacked while in the custody of prison officials.

$480,000 settlement for a woman misdiagnosed with a breast tumor.

$333,000 settlement during trial for a passenger in an automobile struck in rear by a truck.

$245,000 settlement for a young woman suffering cervical spine injury resulting in surgery.

$240,000 settlement for a driver in an auto struck on the side by a truck.

$200,000 settlement for a young motorcyclist killed by a drunk driver.

$372,500 for a young man inexplicably ejected from a backseat of a moving automobile in a Dram Shop case.

$325,000 for a woman with multiple fractures after being struck by a motor vehicle while she was in the middle of the road tending to a wounded bird.

$360,000 for a woman with back injuries involved in a chain reaction motor vehicle accident.

New Jersey & New York

The case: Resident shot and left paralyzed after a robbery

The client: A man shot and left paralyzed after a robbery

Scenario: After returning home from a trip, the 38-year-old victim was getting out of a limo in the parking lot when a man fleeing a robbery inside the complex accosted him. The assailant jumped into the limo and ordered the driver at gunpoint to drive away. The victim was in the front passenger’s seat and his brother was in the back seat with the assailant. When a piece of luggage behind the rear wheel of the limo prevented the driver from driving away, the assailant started shooting. One bullet struck the victim in the shoulder and traveled to his spleen, leaving him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

Outcome: Judgment of $7.9 million was awarded to the client


The case: Continental Airlines “air rage”

The client: A Virginia man accused of breaking a ticket agent’s neck

Charged: Aggravated assault

Facing: Ten years in prison

Scenario: After a lengthy wait at a Continental Airlines ticket counter in Newark, NJ, a passenger’s child ran past a gate agent. When the agent tried to restrain the child, he and the father got into an argument. Seconds later, the agent lay on the ground with a broken neck and the child’s father was being hauled off by police and charged with aggravated assault.


Personal injury

The case: Young girl critically injured

The Client: A young girl who fell down an elevator shaft

Scenario: A young girl fell through the elevator door into the elevator shaft, falling 30 feet into the basement.

Outcome: $235,000 settlement

Law enforcement

The case: Essex County - Newark police officers accused in sex case

The client: Two Newark police officers

Charge: Aggravated assault, kidnapping, and misconduct

Facing: 20 years in prison

Scenario: A 17-year-old girl claimed that after partying with friends during the early morning hours, she cut through the playground of the nearby middle school and noticed a stolen, abandoned car in the schoolyard. A police patrol car pulled up next to her and accused her of stealing the car. She said the police officers told her she was going to be arrested and told her to get in the backseat of the car where they allegedly made her strip down and then proceeded to rape her. After the incident, she said that the officers dropped her off and two men came out of a house to help her and then called the police.


Murder cases

The case: toddler dies unexpectedly

The client: A 25-year-old man accused of killing his 23-month-old son

Charge: Aggravated assault, kidnapping, and misconduct

Facing: 10 years in prison

Scenario: A man leaves his girlfriend’s house after an argument and takes their son with him. At his home, he takes a bath with his son. He leaves his son unattended in the bathtub for a few minutes. Upon his return, the boy is not breathing. He is rushed to the hospital where two emergency surgeries are performed. The boy dies from complications to a ruptured stomach discovered at the hospital. The prosecution says the stomach was ruptured when the boy was in his father’s care. The defense says it is impossible to determine when and how it occurred. There were no bruises on the boy’s body and he didn’t suffer any damaged ribs, spleen, or kidneys.


The case: death by mechanical asphyxiation

The client: A woman accused of killing her roommate

Charge: Murder

Facing: 20 years in prison

Scenario: Forensic pathology according to the state determined that her throat had been crushed thereby suggesting mechanical asphyxiation. Mr. Pope retained renowned forensic pathologist Michael Baden. After a complete assessment and reviewing of all evidence and tapes, we were able to convince the prosecution that it was a drug overdose as opposed to a murder.

Outcome: Murder charges dismissed

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